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We have been a mature circuit breaker manufacturer since 1992. The company covers an area of 18,000 and recruits 1,200 workers, including design team, R&D team, production team and after-sales team.

There are 59 designers responsible for the structure and appearance of the product. We have 63 employees to monitor finished products in different processing stages. Under the joint responsibility of all employees, we are committed to becoming a circuit breaker expert with a commitment to quality.

Thanks to the advanced Packing Machine that we introduce, our products can be custom-made and offered with different packaging specifications required by our customers.


We can do more than you can imagine.

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+86 400-678-6206

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+86 020-22139352


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5AF Whole Floor, xingguang Yingjing Building, No. 119 Shuiyin Road,  Yuexiu District, Guangzhou.

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